Portrait #8: SoundTrack_Cologne

Following up on our series of portraits with SoundTrack_Cologne , a german festival created in 2004. SoundTrack_Cologne is Europe’s leading congress for music and sound in film, games and media, and a source of inspiration for the growing landscaper of festivals and congresses in Europe. See The Sound , the film festival of SoundTrack_Cologne aims to show a broad array of extraordinary music films connecting image and sound by bringing them to the big screen. They also organize live music events and @soundtrackzurich at the Zurich Film Festival.

➔ Next edition : November 17 – 20, 2021

▷▷ One of Soundtrack’s favourite music films/documentaries of all time ?

“Joy Division by Grant Gee”

▷▷ One of the most memorable screenings organized by Soundtrack ?

“A Live-to-Game concert : Stories : the Path of Destinies. When a player, a conductor and a full orchestra performed the video game Stories: The Path of Destinies’ live on stage! ”

▷▷ The music film/doc the Soundtrack team would love to see being made ?

“ The Sound of Cologne

▷▷ One music film/doc that didn’t get as much praise as it should have according to the Soundrack’s team ?

“ Live by Lisa Charlotte Friedrich “

▷▷ A music film/doc of your country you really enjoyed lately.

Another Reality The Film by Noel Dernesch “

▷▷ In one word what does the MFFN mean for you ?


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