Portrait #1: Norient Film Festival NFF

Each week, we let you get acquainted with one of the members of the Music Film Festival Network. Kicking off this series of portraits with the Norient Film Festival, a festival exploring the contemporary world through music and sound happening each year in Bern and Lausanne (Switzerland).

➔ Next edition : January 12th-16th 2022.

▷▷ One of Norient’s favourite music films/documentaries of all time ?

Silvana – the documentary directed by Christina Tsiobanelis, Olivia Kastebring and Mika Gustafson”

▷▷ One of the most memorable screenings Norient organized ?

“The screening of Narco Cultura directed by Shaul Schwarz, in 2014.”

▷▷ The music film/doc the Norient team would love to see being made ?

“Difficult question…Maybe a documentary about underground experimental music in Burma.”

▷▷ One music film/doc that didn’t get as much praise as it should have according to the Norient’s team ?

“None of Your Business directed by Kamran Heidari, a documentary about popular iranian musician Ebram Monsefi.”

▷▷ In one word what does the MFFN mean for you ?


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