“You can’t have unity without diversity.”
(Richard Twiss)

Inspired by the recent explosion in innovative, high-quality cinema focusing on the world of music, Music Film Festival Network (MFFN) is a new international alliance of film festivals founded on the belief that ideas exchanged are ideas multiplied.

Bringing together nine founding member festivals based in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, MFFN had its first official meeting at Seeyousound Festival in Turin in February 2019.

The growing interest in films which present the sights, sounds and stories of music and the musicians who make it are testament to the public’s appetite for these festivals’ unique and inspiring mandates.

MFFN intends to provide an opportunity for the creative teams behind music film festivals to exchange experiences and best practices, experiment with new forms of collaboration, expand existing audiences and build ones, and find ways to benefit from greater recognition by the international festival community.

Inclusive in spirit and inspired by the joy of bringing music to the big screen, MFFN invites all music-themed film festivals to become members of an innovative new network.