Choose 5 ➔ Women in Music

Twice a month, we ask a member of the network to select 5 music films focusing on a theme of their choice. Happy to present this first “Choose 5”, curated by SoundTrack_Cologne about Women in Music.

SoundTrack_Cologne about their selection : “Don’t underestimate the Girl(s)! These high-energy, female-centred documentary films map the stories of world-renowned and self-empowering female individuals whose progressive approach to voice, instruments and style redefine the boundaries of music. Emerging from a predominated male industry, artists such as Kate Nash, Bobbye Hall, Sona Mohapatra and Silvana eradicate the misconception that female is a genre, reveal inequalities and at the same time pave the way for change – not only in the music industry.”

A selection curated by Joana da Silva, Junior Programmer Soundtrack Cologne :

1⃣Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl by Amy Goldstein (2018)
2⃣Silvana – the documentary by Christina Tsiobanelis, Olivia Kastebring & Mika Gustafson (2017)
3⃣ Oh Les Filles! by François Armanet (2019)
4⃣ Shut Up Sona by Deepti Gupta (2019)
5⃣Tomboy Documentary by Lindsay Lindenbaum (2020)

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