Choose 5 ➔ Music in War and Crisis

Happy to present this well-thought selection curated by Norient focusing on the importance of Music in times of war and crisis.

Norient about their selection : “In times of war and crisis, culture in general and music in particular is both a luxury good and essential for survival. These documentaries show how people try to go on with their musical practice during the civil wars in Syria and Sudan, how war and crisis threaten the survival of musical traditions in Mali, how the trauma of war is present all over Lebanon’s society and its soundscape today, and what role music plays in the violent circles of drug traffickers on both sides of the US/Mexican border.”

A selection curated by Hannes Liechti, Musicologist/Head of Production, Norient Film Festival NFF :

1⃣ Syrian Metal Is War, by Monzer Darwish (2018)
2⃣ Panoptic, by Rana Eid (2017)
3⃣ It Must Make Peace, Paul Chandler (2017)
4⃣ Beats of the Antonov, by Haajooj Kuka (2014)
5⃣ Narco Cultura, by Shaul Schwarz (2013)

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